Link: Romanza One-Sheet  PDF Format
Fresh out of college, I landed my first true professional role -- at prominent music marketing firm in Hollywood. Our team was tasked with assisting in "breaking" an international crossover artist into the U.S. market. Retailers and radio stations were not responding to the artist's label-created PR materials, and therefore unwilling to take the risk of filling shelves with product or granting airplay.
I took the initiative to explore the issue, brainstorm a resolution, and pitch it to my boss as a "Hail Mary" pass to save a campaign that was about to experience a drop in allocated resources. Using simple research and human storytelling, I rewrote the promotional one-sheet to show highlight the artist's fascinating journey, innovative approach, and to differentiate from other artist's promotional materials. Because it was something we had to do quickly as an experiment, I was the graphic designer of the one-sheet as well.

The result was that this document played an in important role in raising interest across the United States. Perception of the artist was changed and both retailers and radio personnel began to give the artist more attention. The album became one of the best-selling releases of all time. To this day, the artist is a respected household name.

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